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As a site owner, you may need to change your host due to various reasons like poor performance and Higher Renewal cost. Even you may let your existing hosting account expire and start with a fresh account in the same hosting provider which you can purchase as a new user and avail discount coupons. Today I will provide a step by step guide for migrating your WordPress site to another host or another account in the same host. You will find it a walk in the park after reading my guide to move WordPress Site.

Reasons to move WordPress Site

  1. Higher Hosting Renewal Cost: This is the most common reason why many people tend to change their web hosting account. Typically Hosting Companies do not issue any discount coupon for renewals.  At a new host, you can start as a new customer and avail huge discounts using coupons. Also it is possible that you purchase a new account at the existing web host and avail coupon discounts. in both the cases, you have to move your website to the new hosting account. You can have a look at the exclusive Hostgator Coupons to get discounts upto 75% on your hosting.
  2. Poor performance: Is your existing host causing so much trouble? Is it slow and gives you unnecessary warnings of bandwidth limit? Then it is time to change to a superior quality Host like Hostgator!

Many people think the process of moving a WordPress site as a cumbersome one. But I will tell you a method by which you can move your site quickly and easily. Also this method is useful if you need a casual backup of your site or you want to clone WordPress site to another domain name.

Note that in this method we will not use any manual processes dealing with DataBase Backup using PHPMyAdmin or making backups manually.

Clone or Move WordPress Site Using Duplicator Plugin

Duplicator is a highly useful free WordPress Plugin used by millions of people to move/clone their websites. The steps to move WordPress site to another hosting  are given below.

  1. Install the Duplicator Plugin from WordPress Dashboard->Plugins->Add New and Activate it.move wordpress siteNow a new item called “Duplicator” will appear in your WP Dashboard. Click on  Duplicator and go to Packages. You will see  a message, “No Packages Found“.                                                                                                                                                                        duplicator plugin wordpress
  2. Now click on “Create New“. In this example I am creating a clone of my example website                                              wordpress site cloneA window appears showing Requirements Pass. You can modify the names and file paths of backup files there. But usually no change is required and you can simply click “Next“. The duplicator plugin will scan your website and present a window with scan results as in the below picture.                                                                                                                                                                   coolexample2
  3. You may get warnings about total size and large files. If you prefer you can remove the unnecessary big files, or can ignore the warning and click “Build“. The duplicator plugin will build a backup clone of your website in a few seconds.
  4. After the build process completes you will see a window as below.                                                                                                             coolexample3Click on the “Installer” and download the “installer.php” file and save it in your computer. It is a PHP script which will automate the site installation. After that click on the “Archive” and download it. It is the site files compressed in zip format. The two files you got above are the backups of your website.                                                                                                                   Have a look at the below video tutorial of the above steps.

    Next I will explain how to upload these backups to your new hosting account and install your site there.

  5. When you purchase a new hosting account, you will get a welcome email from your Web Hosting Provider(Eg: Hostgator) which will contain the CPanel login url and credentials like username, password, nameservers etc. Login to your Domain Name Registrar and update your domain’s nameservers to the new Hosting Account.
  6. In the next step, login to your new hosting’s CPanel and Add the domain as an Addon Domain. For HostGator, you can see the steps here. Other Web Hosts will also be having a similar procedure if they are using CPanel.
  7. Now from the CPanel, create a new MySql Database, a User and add the User to the database and give it full permissions. See this page for Guide for Hostgator. After that, note down the Database name, Username and Password of that user.
  8. Next step is to upload the two site files (installer.php and site zip file) to the Root Directory of the Addon Domain in the new hosting account, using CPanel File manager or FTP. I recommend uploading through File manager from the CPanel itself. See this link for more details.
  9. See the below video for more step by step details.
  10. After you upload the two files, open your website in the web browser, for example, here There you will see two files, the installer.php and the file.move wordpress site
  11. Click on installer.php and a window like the below one will appear.  wordpress clone plugin
  12. Here input the Mysql Database name, user name and user password which you created in the Step 7 above and click on Test Connection to see whether the installer can connect to database successfully. If it gives a “Success” message, check the “I have read all warnings and notices”  box and click “Run Deployment
  13. The installer will install the website files and a window appears as below.                                                                                                 wordpress site clone using duplicator
  14. See the below video for the duplicator plugin installing a WordPress website.
  15. You can do the Final Steps like Save Permalinks, Test Site, Security CleanUp etc in single clicks. These requires the WP Login username and Password, which is nothing but the old username and password which you were using in the original site at the old hosting account.
  16. Done. You have successfully moved your WordPress Site to new Hosting account.

If you find this tutorial to move WordPress Site helpful, give a rating below. Also you can inform any difficulty or problem you encounter while trying to move WordPress site to new hosting or while trying to clone a WordPress site.

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