How to Change Web Hosts (Step-by-step Guide)

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I bet that when you found a GoDaddy promo code to change to GoDaddy you didn’t know how complicated it can be to change web hosts. If you are with GoDaddy already, then make use of a GoDaddy renewal coupon, save some money and avoid changing.

But if you are in the middle of it, or considering it seriously, then here is a step by step guide to change web hosts.

STEP 1. Get a New Web Host Provider

First of all, buy a new place to host your web page. Make sure it is a reliable vendor. GoDaddy is one of the best options on the market. It is also cheap when using a GoDaddy promo code. You can save up to 80% in certain services and types of hosting. When it is time for renewal, the GoDaddy renewal code will ensure you still save money.

STEP 2. Backup all static files from your current Website

Once you used your GoDaddy promo code to purchase a new hosting site, then backup your current web page. Most management consoles for hosting sites have backup options under the administration tab. Some of them will back up your site on their FTP service.

Once it is backed up, download it to your hard drive. It will serve for recovery and to upload the information to the new hosting service you bought with your GoDaddy promo code.

STEP 3. Backup Dynamic Information and move it to the New Host

Your GoDaddy renewal coupon will not help to backup dynamic information. It will only help you to get a new cheaper host. To migrate dynamic information such as a database, you will need to do it in 2 steps:

1. First, do the installation of the applications (like the database) on the new hosting place you acquired with a GoDaddy renewal code.

2. Then, copy the database to the new site.

STEP 4. Upload the Static Information to your New Host

Now it is time to copy the static information to your new host. Since it is static, there is not much to do about it. It is recommended that you follow the same directory structure to prevent broken links. Pay particular attention to this if you had to break the original information in pieces for backup.

Shortcut for Steps 2, 3 and 4

There is a shortcut to migrate your information. Depending on which CMS platform you are using, there are easier ways to do it in a single step. It is as easy as using a GoDaddy renewal coupon.

For example, for WordPress, there is a function for migration. It will zip your information and move it to the new vendor you selected for web hosting. When you choose your provider, make sure you use a GoDaddy renewal code to save some money.

STEP 5. Previous Testing

Use of a temporary address to test your website before it goes live. It should be like your original web page, except that it is hosted with your new vendor.

The previous testing is as when you first uploaded your web page. Make use of every functionality your website has, and click on every link. That way you will identify any missing information, broken link or misconfiguration. When you are engaged in testing, it is good to have a protocol.

If you find any problem, it is now time to solve it. That way your launch will be done with fewer errors and bugs. Some mistakes can lead to further downtime you want to avoid.

STEP 6. Change DNS

Now change your DNS configuration. You will find the configuration under the settings of your administration console. The DNS will redirect your URL to your current web host instead of the previous. You must eliminate your DNS on the previous site to avoid confusions.

Once you are done with it, your website will be down for some hours (it can be up to a full day). That is the time it takes for the DNS registry to update throughout the web. Once it is done, your page will be found at the new place you got with a GoDaddy promo code, but it doesn’t end here. There are a couple of additional steps to do before you can celebrate your successful migration.

STEP 7. Live Testing

I know you tested previous going live, but it will not harm you to test again. Just follow the same testing protocol from your previous testing. Most likely, there is no problem, but if there is one, it is best that you find it first.

By performing a live test, you will ensure your DNS configuration was done correctly. Besides, you will also double check your migration went fine. If you find a problem, then solve it before you go further.

STEP 8. Cancel your previous Web Host Service

Once your web page is ready, you can cancel your previous web host service. We don’t recommend you to do it before you are done with all tests. That way you can have a backup plan to go back to your previous host in case there is a major problem.

Additional Considerations

When you use a GoDaddy renewal coupon to change web hosts, make sure you migrate all your current services, not just your web page. You might have email accounts and FTP services with information to migrate. This guide went through the process to migrate your website. You should go through a similar process for your email and FTP services.

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