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SSL Certificate

If your website uses people’s private information and if you want to sell using your website having a checkout system you will need SSL certification. The importance of using experts in this field cannot be stressed enough because if your website is hacked and all your customers private and banking details are lost then you will find yourself in a lot of trouble.

Use experts that have a proven SSL certificate system and with Godaddy it is easy and will give you the best security available today. One always thinks of the cost but what you should be considering at this stage of your website design are what will the consequences be to you and your business if you do not use the best systems available because the cost is justified and the cost will be much higher if your website is hacked.

Customer confidence

Once one starts an internet business the most important thing is to create trust with your customers and this is done in various ways by having an about me page so that your customers gets to know a little about you or posting videos on the web and inviting your customer to join your particular service. This all requires private information such as email address and name. People are very aware of the vulnerability of their information to the mercy of hackers.
The only way to build their confidence is to assure them that your site has the very best SSL certification and with Godaddy this is possible and also very affordable. Remember that customers will look at the prefix of your website domain to ensure that you have SSL certification and if you do not you can bet your bottom dollar that they will not part with their personal or credit card details.


The most sensible thing to do is make sure that your website has the best support and having support with your SSL certificate is no different. It is important to note that with Godaddy you will get 24/7 support to make sure that the certificate is kept up to date and that your website will be visited with confidence with the best protection for your customers.

The support team will make sure that your SSL certificate will be kept up to date and protect you and your customer. You get all this support while you are concentrating on getting customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

Make sure you use authentic SSL providers

Having a business a person is inclined to look at costs of purchasing services and making decisions around that. This is because most of would like to make the most profit that we can because after all, that is why we are in business. So there are a lot of fraud SSL providers in the market that claim that they can provide the SSL certificate at a fraction of the cost.

One must remember that with Godaddy we provide the most advanced encrypted certificate available in the marketplace and we also maintain it to make sure that your and your customer’s information is protected from Hackers.

How do customers know if your site has an authentic SSL certificate it is easy. When you visit your site the customer will look to the left of the address and if they do not see the https prefix, the lock and it is not in green they will know straight away that you do not have protection with an authenticated SSL certificate.

Disaster recovery plan

Most people are aware that the world is unpredictable and even though with security all the measures are put in place to ensure that you and your customer are protected one should still be prepared should something go wrong. You as the user of a web hosting site do not have to read the document but make sure that they do have one. With Godaddy, you are assured that not only do we have the most used web hosting site but that we have also taken measures that you are protected should the be the unfortunate breach of security with a comprehensive recovery plan.


As a domain owner and doing business on the internet it is advisable to use the best web hosting providers out there. The protection of your website is crucial and should be treated with the highest priority. So when you have decided on your website and what services you are going to be providing you should start looking for a reputable web hosting site that will give you the best service and they will not be the cheapest on the market.

When it comes to making sure that the particular web host that you have decided on don’t just accept that they have the best SSL certification. Ask the support team if their site had been hacked lately. To walk you through the security certificate that they are offering you. How many years have they been in operation and how many subscribers they have? How best they can serve you to ensure that you do not have security problems and have they successfully dealt with security issues in the past.

If you are searching for a web provider asking those questions will help you find the web host that will be the most suited to your business and provide you with the best security which is an area that has no short cuts.

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