Godaddy Renewal Promo Code: How to Get Yours?

Why the Godaddy Renewal Promo Code which you got by searching in the internet is not working? Is there any way to make them work? If you are a Godaddy Customer, you will be desperately searching for a working Godaddy renewal coupon for your domain name or hosting, when it is the time for renewal. Today I will throw some light on this crucial topic for domain owners.

About 2 years ago, Godaddy stopped issuing renewal coupons for their products in public domain. Now they provide renewal coupons for customers specifically and other people may try to use such secret/exclusive coupons for them too. As Godaddy offers huge discounts(like 0.99 dollar domain) for the first year of domain registration, it is inevitable that they will need a full price for the second year on wards in order to do their business in fair manner. We can not blame them for not providing renewal promo codes because we already have enjoyed the rock bottom prices in the first year.

How to get your Godaddy Renewal Promo Code?

I have written an article about a working Godaddy renewal coupon here. You can use the coupon mentioned in that post to renew your domains.

Excusive Working Godaddy Renewal Promo Code

This coupon will work for most of the customers unless you have not used any such special coupon in the past. Now if that coupon is not working for you, try the below mentioned method to get such special coupons.

Godaddy will start sending you reminders at least two months prior to the scheduled domain renewal date. When you see such an email in your inbox, just click on it and proceed with the renewal process until the payment page, but navigate away without making payment.

Now repeat the above step whenever you get a reminder email from Godaddy. Soon or after some attempts, Godaddy may issue a special renewal coupon for you. See the below image for such an email I received.

godaddy renewal promo code

I have tried this method and got such Godaddy renewal coupons successfully. Such special Godaddy Renewal Promo Code will contain the word “REN” and most probably start with discount percentage amount(like 35, 27 etc).

See the below image of the Cart with such a Godaddy renewal promo code applied.

Godaddy renewal coupon code

The .com domain renewal price becomes $9.92 with this promo code. I recommend everyone to try the above method to get Godaddy Renewal Promo Code. You will be successful in many occasions. In case you are successful and got any special coupon from Godaddy, just share it here and it will help other readers  to save some money!


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