Godaddy Renewal Coupon and promo codes 2017 Working 100%

Finally here are some of the working Godaddy Renewal Coupon and Godaddy coupons for domain and hosting . You can try below 30% off coupon on renewals and new products to get huge discount.

Latest Godaddy Renewal Coupon(Both NEW AND RENEWAL PRODUCTS)

Coupon Description Godaddy Coupon Code
30% OFF on New Products at Godaddy cjc30archcjc2off30cjcrmn30aCJCRMN33SAS30OFF1cjcoff30aCJCDEFDEPgdbbp1901fbzhpg30gdbba861IAP35NEWC
Save 30% on All Products CJC30C

Current Godaddy Promo Codes

Godaddy Domain CouponsDescription

.ORG and .NEWS domains at just $4.99 per year.
Get 30% off on Domain name Registration.
Bulk domain gistrations save upto 51%(.BIZ , .Net etc domains)
Upto 5 Bulk .com domains at $8.99/year
.CO domains at just $9.99 per year.
Save 10% Get Found at Godaddy
Keep Domain Backorders at Godaddy
.UK domains at $1 per year.
Save 30% on New Domains
$6.99 for .Mobi domains.
$9.99 per year for .ME domain
Only $6.99 for .XYZ domains.
Only $9.99 for .CLUB domains.
Godaddy Online Bookkeeping for just $9.99 / month!
.DE domains at just $0.99 per year.
.US domains at just $1 per year.
.CO.UK domains at just $0.99 per year.
.NET domains at just $8.99 per year.
Godaddy Hosting CouponsDescription

12 months Economy Web Hosting for just $1/mo (get free domain .com, .net, .org etc)
WebPro at Godaddy - Join for free now!
Godaddy Managed WordPress hosting for just $1/month and free domain

Personal Website Builder(including free domain for just $1.00/month
12 months Economy Web Hosting for just $1/mo (get free domain .com, .net, .org etc)
50% OFF on all Hosting Plans
40% OFF on VPS, Dedicated Server and Dedicated IP
33% OFF on Reseller Plans
Personal Website Builder,Domain,Office 365 Email For $1/Month

Working Godaddy Renewal Coupon

Try the below coupon to get 27% OFF on renewals. I tested this coupon personally and ensured that it is working. There are many websites claiming that they provide Godaddy renewal coupon. They list a lot of coupons on their website, but in reality, you will be disappointed if you try to apply them for your Godaddy Domain Renewal. All of them will give an error message “The promotional code you entered is expired or inactive”. 

But don’t worry. You have reached the correct place. Using my exclusive Godaddy Renewal Coupon, you can renew your domains at 27% discount.

Steps to Apply Godaddy Renewal Coupon 2017

  1. Open your Godaddy Account Manager->Renewals->Select Domains
  2. Then select the Renewal Length and without adding any extra addon products, go to the Cart.
  3. In the Godaddy Cart, you will see the price of .com renewal as $ 15.17 including ICANN Fee.
  4. Now click in the field for “Promotional Code” and input the below Godaddy Renewal Coupon code. Click below to get the code.
  6. After inputting the coupon code above, click Apply. You will see a message saying “Promotion has been applied to your cart!”. 
  7. But the price will still show $15.17. Now change the Currency to INR(Indian Rupees) using the button at the top left side of the Godaddy Cart Page.
  8. Alas! The price will get changed to INR 711 which is equal to approx USD 10.6.
  9. Thus you got 27% OFF on Godaddy domain renewal. You can pay the amount using Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, Skrill, Union Pay etc.

Why Godaddy Renewal Coupon is needed?

Godaddy offers many coupons for the new users and new orders. At Godaddy, you can register a new .com domain for as low as $0.99 using the coupons mentioned here.

But the sad part is that most of the Godaddy promo codes are for first year only. You can not renew products using normal coupons to get a discounted price. Then comes the need for Godaddy renewal coupon. The quality of service of Godaddy is the main reason people tend to stick with them and start hunting for Godaddy renewal coupon.

Fortunately, I have found the above Godaddy Renewal Coupon which will allow you to renew your domains at a discounted price.

If the above Godaddy renewal coupon is not working for you, here is the alternative to get discount when you renew.

The Secrets of Unlimited Shared Hosting

With modern day technology progressing in rapid successive movements, the need for storage is ever increasing. The complexity of programs is marginally increasing and people need more and more data for their websites and services every day. You can find many different storage options with a discount using a GoDaddy coupon on their website.

The basics

In order to understand unlimited shared hosting, we must understand what shared hosting is. Shared hosting is when your website is hosted on a server along with many other websites. The resources available to the server are then distributed among the hosted websites. This requires for stable servers, which you can buy with a discount using a GoDaddy promo code.

So, what does this mean? It means that your website can use an unlimited amount of resources, such as memory, hard drive and network bandwidth. This is a great advantage for people who run websites that attract a lot of traffic. Finding a good hosting company will make you want to stick with it, and using a GoDaddy renewal coupon will save you some cash.

The limitations of resources

Despite the title, true unlimited hosting is impossible. It is impossible to have an unlimited amount of resources available to you. There are physical limitations to everything, there can’t be unlimited semiconductor memory chips, unlimited cables that transmit information through the network, and unlimited power to keep the servers running. However, you can find servers that provide all the resources you need, and using the GoDaddy promo code you can get a first-time registration discount.


The bandwidth offered by the web hosting company is different from the bandwidth provided from your Internet Service Provider.

Your ISP provides bandwidth that covers your activity online, such as watching movies, reading articles, using social networks etc. If you are doing too many things online, the bandwidth might not be able to provide a fast browsing experience.

The bandwidth offered from the web hosting company covers what changes you make to the website, such as adding files, uploading content and adding posts. It also covers the bandwidth required for viewers to view or stream your content. You can find great servers with high bandwidth, and by using a GoDaddy coupon you can qualify for a discount.


Storage is where your data is saved, and it is limited. This measures the amount of data your website has, and this includes your website configuration, and the files that you add to the website by yourself. In order to expand the storage, you need to contact the web hosting company and pay for a storage extension. Using a GoDaddy promo code will give you a discount for your purchase.

Storage can be a little expensive, so you should be carefully managing the available space you have.

Is unlimited sharing truly possible?

Unlimited sharing works by sharing the unused resources of the web hosting companies. This might look like it might cause neighboring effects, but effective management can lead to a flawless implication of unlimited sharing.
This means that even though you chose an unlimited package, the resources are still limited. Choose one of the available packages and use a GoDaddy coupon to receive a discount on GoDaddy.

Do you need unlimited hosting?

Look at the statistics of your website, and try to calculate whether you need unlimited hosting plans or not. If you have a complicated website, with pages that have a lot of content, than you might need bigger storage options, but not necessarily unlimited. You can renew your storage options and use a GoDaddy renewal coupon to save some money.

Your website might attract a lot of traffic, and the bandwidth required to support all these visitors might not suffice, so you might consider an unlimited plan. However, if you have less than 50 thousand visitors a month, a simple upgrade of your bandwidth using a GoDaddy coupon will be enough.

The wonder of unlimited hosting

You might get angry when you find out that your unlimited hosting plan actually has limits, but do not jump to conclusions that fast. There is a reason why these limits exist.

The hosting companies share with you their unused resources from other shared servers, and you get the bandwidth and storage you need quickly. Most of the resources in today’s websites are unused, and so the companies distribute them to unlimited hosting users. You can renew your unlimited hosting plan using a GoDaddy renewal coupon.

Final thoughts

So is unlimited hosting the option right for you? Maybe it is, and maybe it is not. You have to carefully evaluate the requirements of your website, and if they fit within another plan, then you can use that one. If your storage amount runs out, you can renew your plan using a GoDaddy renewal coupon and qualify for a discount in your plan renewal.

In order to make the best choice, you must use the old trial and error method. Try signing up for free trials in different providers, and see which plan fits your needs best. There is always the chance to change companies, and with today’s technology you can export your website to another host in seconds. Using a GoDaddy promo code will give you the chance to try out unlimited hosting packages for a discount, and you can cancel the trial anytime you want. Once you find a company that provides the service quality you are looking for, stick with it.

When can I register an expired domain name?

If you are looking forward to grabbing a domain name that is currently in use, you only have a chance when the domain expired, and the owner did not use a GoDaddy renewal coupon for renewal. There are over 100 thousand expired names you can get.

Most auctioned names come from users that don’t use them. They are not interested in a GoDaddy renewal code because the site is useless to them. Other expired names come from traders who don’t think they can benefit from renewal even if they use a GoDaddy renewal coupon. They release the site, and it is available at a better price.

There are various times when you can register an expired domain. If you have a particular domain in mind and the owner is not willing to sell or not available, then there are some strategies you can follow. Besides having a GoDaddy promo code at hand to save some money on the transaction, we will tell you exactly how and when to look for it.

Search on Whois

The first step to getting your desired domain is to look for it at the Whois database. Besides the owner’s name (if it is not hidden), you will find the expiration date.

With this kind of information, there are two approaches: You can trade with the site owner or wait until the expiration time and check again if they have paid for the renewal. The current owner can use a GoDaddy renewal coupon to save some money, which decreases your chances of getting it.

Trade with the site owner

If you can see the contact information in the Whois database, communicate with the site owner for trading. However, there is a chance that the domain is not for sale. If that is the case and the owner is using it, there are no chances of you getting the domain. Before the domain expires, they will use a GoDaddy renewal code for renewal, and your chances of getting the name will be gone for another year.

If you ask for a trade, it can be expensive. There is no GoDaddy promo code to trade with third parties, and you will have to pay the full price for it. If you show some real interest, there is a higher chance that the owner uses a GoDaddy renewal code to keep the name and wait for a better price for it. This gets us to the expiration date.

Pick an Expired Domain Name

If the owner lets the domain expire, you can pick it from here. Monitor the Whois database regularly few weeks prior the expiration date. If it is expired, depending on the registrar and the type of domain (.com, .org, .net or other) you will have to wait for a grace period.

In the meantime, look for a GoDaddy promo code to pick it at a better price. You can look for an auction coupon or a new site promotion. GoDaddy always has new promotions to any option you might need.

After Expiration

Once the domain has expired, you’ll have to wait. The life cycle for renewal is set as follows:

• Renew grace period:
• Depending on the type of domain and Registrant it can be from 0 to 45 days.
• The current registrant can use a GoDaddy renewal code during this time.
• Redemption Grace Period:
• It is regularly of 30 days for any domain type.
• Paying a redemption fee, the current registrant can still get the domain back.
• Pending Delete:
• It typically takes five days.
• All registries, links, and references on the site are eliminated during this period.
• The site can also be released to auction during this time.
• Release:
• The domain is now available for purchase.

Before release, all you can do is wait, except if the domain name was issued to auction. Let’s talk about this in our next section.

Domain Auction

The registrar regularly sponsors domain auctions. Most registrars use an auction third party services that specialize in selling domains. They also serve as a bridge between registrars who are auctioning domains. That way a bigger pool of names is available through auction.

When a domain is at auction, it will be given to the highest bidder. If you don’t take action and buy it here, anybody can grab your desired domain. There is also a chance that the price raises depending on the demand.

There is a GoDaddy promo code for auctions, so you still can save some money, but they will not control other users who might have promo codes as well. Visit GoDaddy auction site to see if the domain you want has been released to auction:


If the previous owner took no action even having a GoDaddy renewal coupon and the domain is released, that is good news for you. You can register the domain as if it was never registered before. Use a GoDaddy promo code for new domains to get the most of your money.

Signs That Your Database Has Been Hacked and How to Prevent It

Being hacked is not an uncommon phenomenon. However, the ordeal that is the hack is often what someone would not want to go through. Having a GoDaddy renewal coupon may be an advantage to owning a website and other online platform at a very minimal cost. Most people, however, do not know that they have been hacked until they learn of it when the hacking is over. If you see any of the signs below, be sure that you have been hacked.

Blacklisted Site

If you wake up and realize your website has been blacklisted, it is clear that you have been hacked. Your GoDaddy renewal code could have helped you to build your website at affordable price, but when your server has been corrupted as a result of a hack, then it is of no use. Any breach of your email of the website will be blacklisted by firms such as Span Haus whose role is to keep the net free of hackers. You can avail a new GoDaddy renewal coupon at website to host your information at a very cheaper price on the internet if the hack is not intercepted.

Deleted Database

This scenario occurs whenever a hacker installs an SQL Slammer worm which wipes out the database of a website. For the most part, a GoDaddy promo code will see you set up a website at low cost with many features which you will need to provide in order to serve your customers. However, when the SQL Slammer worm is able to exploit the database, your GoDaddy renewal code will be rendered useless as the website will have its database deleted to reduce it to nothing.

Running processes one does not know

Ever wondered what the other lien of code is doing in your database? That could be a hack. Besides the operating system making use of the GoDaddy renewal coupon and other known resources, any other piece of data will be but a malicious type of software which should be removed from the line of processes as much as possible. Do not be fooled into thinking that the GoDaddy promo code is all you need to have a secure website. Ensure that you constantly check what is going on with the resources to make sure only the approved programs are running.

Longer than normal load times

A GoDaddy will enable you to have a website with very good loading times. However, when, out of nowhere, the loading times doubles or triples or just increase by a significant amount of time, there is good chance that you have been hacked. It could be that your site is having malicious or missing code being inserted into it. However, before you make this conclusion, the website may only be experiencing a glitch. Confirm by checking the database to make sure that nothing is amiss.

Edited Files

Every file in the database has a timestamp on when it was last edited. If you check your database and find that a file has been recently edited yet no one in the administration edited it, that is a definite hack. The normal GoDaddy promo code will offer you the chance to host a set of data, but a hack will edit this data and still appear legitimate and legal. Checking what has been done for your database will ensure that no one inserts malicious code into your database without your knowledge. Only manual checking will inform you of any edits made to the database.

New users that are not verified

Having new users on the website is a most welcome aspect. However, the chances that some of the users are illegitimate can be proved when the users cannot be verified. For example, using a website requires a login and password. If a user has access to the website’s database but the administrator has no record of the user that is a hacker. The best way to go around this would be to delete such users from the website as they pose a risk that could escalate into a bigger problem.

Log entries that are not expected

To prevent unexpected logs into the database, one should check their logs every day. This aspect ensures that no unauthorized person are logged into the database as this would translate into unauthorized access to the database which would see it wiped out or rendered unusable. For the most part, having people access the database without proper authorization has the likelihood of allowing the hacker even change the information on the website. At the worst cases, they may delete all the data on the website.

How to prevent a hack

The best way to prevent or stop an online attack is through consistently checking the contents of the database. For example, continuously checking the database will reveal whether there have been any edits in the data and when they were performed. Also, the checks will reveal whether there is any unauthorized personnel in the database as this will mean they have illegal access to the contents of the website. Lastly, updating all the updatable contents fo the website will ensure that no items are archaic enough to allow for a data breach. The SQL database should be updated as much as possible to keep hackers at bay.

How to find cheap WordPress hosting

If you’re trying to create a brand new website, whether it be for business use, personal use, or anything else, one of the first things you are obviously going to consider, is the overall price of things. We all want to save money and nobody likes to spend more money than they have to, so finding affordable web hosting is essential.

Thanks to websites providing promo codes such as a Godaddy coupon code, there are ways of saving money, but is that enough?

Well, by making use of a Godaddy renewal coupon 2017, along with any other deals and promo codes you can find, you can actually save yourself a very considerable sum of money.

If you’ve had your eye on WordPress hosting for example, here are some useful tips for saving money and finding yourself affordable web hosting.

See what others have to say – If you find a potential web host but you aren’t quite sure whether or not it could be up to the task, before you commit to buying, see what other people have to say by reading reviews left by others.

If for example, you see a lot of people talking about how the web host you have your eye on, is affordable and offers great value for money, well, if you combine this with a Godaddy coupon code, or any other promo code or deal you can find, you can potentially snag yourself one heck of a bargain.

Know what you need – When it comes to WordPress hosting, as well as price, you should also consider your needs and basic requirements. Remember, different hosting packages provide different options, so before you commit to any plan, you should first take the time to weigh up your options and find out exactly whether or not the host in question can give you what you need.

Look for deals – As mentioned, thanks to sites offering deals such as a Godaddy renewal coupon 2017, and other similar codes and promos, there really is no reason why anybody should be spending more on web hosting than they have to.

Before you purchase a package, do a simple search online and see whether or not you can find a Godaddy coupon code that you can use to help you save a certain percentage of the overall price. Nobody would want to spend more than they need to, so scour the web and look for the best deals you can find.

Don’t forget space – Remember, different sites have different needs, and if you require a site with a lot of bandwidth and space, make sure you research just how much space and bandwidth your potential host is able to offer you. Ideally you should work out how much bandwidth you think you need, and you should then purchase even more just to be safe.

Remember, it is better to have too much bandwidth than not enough, as the last thing you want is for your site to keep crashing, as that is a guaranteed way of ticking off potential customers and visitors to your site, and nobody wants that.

Godaddy Discount Domain Club

We recommend joining the Godaddy Discount Domain Club, if you have decided to continue with Godaddy and have a good number of domains or products in your account. The current domain renewal rates of Discount Domain Club are as below.

  • .COM renewal: $8.29/year – 44% OFF
  • .CO renewal: $24.99/year – 16% OFF
  • .NET renewal: $7.99/year – 52% OFF
  • .ORG renewal: $8.99/year – 50% OFF
  • .INFO renewal: $8.99/year – 50% OFF
  • .ME renewal: $16.99/year – 15% OFF
  • .BIZ renewal: $8.29/year  – 47% OFF

More details at

You can use the coupon  GD6267A to get 40% OFF for Discount Domain Club. Note that you are getting Free 1 year Godaddy CashParking and 1 Year Godaddy auctions membership along with this offer.

Discount Domain Club 40% OFF

Godaddy renewal coupon

How to Renew Products at Godaddy?

  1. Open your Account Manager by logging in.
  2. Go to the Renewals tab.
  3. Expand the fields containing the items which you needs to renew (Eg. Expiring Domains).
  4. Select the individual domains or other products you need to renew, and choose a Renewal time Length.
  5. Click on Continue.(You can Customize your order to add any other products or services to your order).
  6. Pay using the available payment methods and complete the Checkout process.

You can refer this video which is showing how to renew products at Godaddy.

I hope you have availed the above Godaddy renewal coupon and Godaddy Discount Domain Coupon. If you face any difficulty in applying these coupons or have any suggestions, please let me know by commenting below.

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