The Best Web Hosting- Hostgator Hosting

Every beginner in the website building business will ask this question: What is the best web hosting for me? How to select a web hosting which will not let you down by poor performance? The answer is Hostgator without any doubt.

Let me explain this in detail. Before that keep in mind that here I focus on Shared Hosting, which is the most popular and affordable web hosting.

Best Web Hosting

I have recommended Cheap Hosting Providers like GodaddyNamecheap and 1and1 in this website. Although most people find them adequate for their web hosting needs, there are lot of users whose sites are resource hungry and their needs are beyond the capabilities of these cheap web hosts. For such resource hungry websites, the best hosting is Hostgator. Let us see Hostgator compared with other Hosting Providers.

Drawbacks of Cheap Hosting

I observed the below mentioned problems/limitations while using the cheap web hosting services.

(1). Low RAM and CPU Capabilities

The Namecheap Shared Hosting Cpanel says its available RAM as 1GB while it is 512MB in Godaddy Hosting and 600MB in 1and1 Hosting. I was having a moderately heavy website with 200 MB files which was hosted at Namecheap. On one occassion, I tried to clone that website to another domain which was hosted at Godaddy. The site cloning was tried with two of the most famous wordpress site migration plugins, Duplicator and WP Clone. But to my surprise, Namecheap server failed pathetically to handle the load in running the plugins. It simply crashed and gave me a message saying Resources are Full.

Then I tried these plugins on Godaddy and 1and1. The results were even more disappointing. They simply crashed quicker than Namecheap. At last I had to manually make a Zip backup of the site files, download it and manually uploaded to the new hosting server.

Out of curiosity, I uploaded the same website in my Hostgator Shared Hosting account and tried to run the above plugins. Those plugins executed very smoothly and created backup in 10-15 seconds. My website was cloned to another domain at Hostgator in the next 5 seconds! What an outstanding performance!

It is a classic example that shows the inability of cheap web hosting servers to handle website load.

(2). Restrictions in using some Plugins

This problem was observed in Godaddy Hosting. They usually blacklist wordpress cache plugins and removes them by automatic scanning. No such issue was experienced in Hostgator.

(3). Decreased website speed

Decreased website load speed is the main drawback of cheap web hosting. I experimented by creating clones of a website in Godaddy, Namecheap,1and1 and Hostgator and did a Google PageSpeed Test. Hostgator outperformed all other shared hosting by 12-18 points.

Most surprisingly, in Google Pagespeed test, my site hosted at Hostgator Shared Hosting was sometimes more faster than my site with DigitalOcean Cloud Hosting having 2GB RAM!

Comparison with other Hosting Providers

I tested my Hostgator Server against SiteGround, Bigrock, DreamHost and Arvixe. None of them were a match to Hostgator in terms of performance. The only advantage is they offered a free domain name registration which Hostgator do not.

The only Shared Hosting which I found almost competitive to Hostgator is Bluehost Hosting. But BlueHost Hosting Plans are slightly more costlier,preventing them from becoming the best web hosting.

Hostgator Support

Whenever encountered a problem, I initiated a chat with the Customer Support and got solved them quickly. Now a days the waiting time in chat has increased, but if you can Call them directly, you will get a more quicker service.


I never experienced any noticeable downtime or sluggishness or the issues mentioned above, with my sites at Hostgator. What I experienced from Hostgator in the last 3 years was an unmatched performance at affordable price. There is no other hosting which I can recommend as the best web hosting. Note that they offer 45 days moneyback guarantee making it worry free to try your website hosted at Hostgator.

There are some exclusive Hostgator coupons which will save you upto 75% OFF in Shared Hosting. Have a look at it here.

If you have any other doubts about Hostgator or experiences, feel free to share with us by commenting below.

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