3 Common Mistakes When Choosing a Web Hosting Service

Introduction to web hosting

When you develop a website the procedure of hosting it is a big decision. You should know very well that who will host your website. If you are new in making a website you should choose a perfect service provider for web hosting. One of the most common mistakes is focusing only on the price tag and not paying attention on important aspects that can have adverse effects on the success of your website. However there are certain things of which you should be aware of when you choose web hosting service. Here we will discuss about the 3 common mistakes when choosing a web hosting service. If you are able to avoid these mistakes the provider of your host will not interfere between you and your success as far as hosting of web is concerned.
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1. Choosing the unlimited storage limit

Falling for unlimited storage is a mistake which is done even by experienced people. There are many web hosting services in the market that advertise of providing you both unlimited storage and bandwidth. It is quite obvious that you will believe that there is no limit to what you can store or how many visitors you can receive on your website. This is because ‘unlimited’ gives you the impression that there is no limit but the fact is that it is not true. You can get 30% off on Domain name registration by using GoDaddy domain coupons. You can even get discounts on any domains.

You should also acknowledge the fact that you can only receive unlimited traffic as well as store unlimited data if your particular website is working normally. This means that you will only get unlimited numbers till the time you receive little or no traffic on your website. There is a catch to it because as soon as your website starts working properly and starts receiving good number of visitors your cost will also soar high. You can always use GoDaddy to get the best of web hosting services and increase your business.

If you want to avoid this situation you should carefully go through the terms and conditions. In case if you still have some doubts you should get in touch with the customer support people of the web hosting service.

2. Ignoring reviews of the clients

It always makes sense to check the reviews of any product or service. It is not difficult to create an attractive advertisement but a review from the customer will let you know the truth. The good thing is that there are many sites in the market that offer honest reviews. You can visit a platform like Webhosting Talk which will give you reviews about web hosting and you can ask any questions. You can event visit Glow Host Review which will let you know about the performance of host. With GoDaddy renewal promo code you can save around 20 % on hosting and with this code you can also save on domain name renewal. You can also save on reseller hosting with GoDaddy renewal promo code.

Do not search the list of top companies of web hosting

You should also not make a mistake of searching the top companies of web hosting. These lists are actually created by companies that are backed up by the companies of web hosting. It is because the company that creates the list gives the top spots to web hosts that gives good money in return to that site. You should find reviews from people who are honest and are not giving good reviews because they are getting something in return.

3. Not checking customer support before the purchase

This is perhaps the most important factor to be considered when you choose a web hosting service. An ideal customer support of your hosting should be lively and give instant responses. The person dealing with customer support should be concerned about your problem and should also solve it with full dedication. You would certainly not want to face the situation when your website is not functioning properly like you are not able to access it or the web page you are looking for has moved to a different location etc. The worst scenario is when you get to know that your host provider has also not responded to your message.

• How to check whether a company offers good customer support or not?

You can easily make out whether or not a company has good customer support or not. You can type the name of the hosting company along with review in to the search box and get access to reviews about a particular web hosting company. This will also let you know about the reviews which tell you about the customer service of the company and whether or not the customers were satisfied or not.

Another good idea is to contact the customer support on your own before you buy any hosting plan. This will show you the best way of dealing with the company and you will also come to know that this company meets your expectations or not.

• Discounts from GoDaddy for web hosting

With GoDaddy coupons you can save up to 50% on web hosting. There are certain GoDaddy coupons by which you can save on domain, website and email. It always pays to use the GoDaddy as you can register a new.com domain by just paying $0.99 by using the coupons. You should make a note that these coupons are only valid for the first year.

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